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Professional headshots in Toronto

Vertix Media provides clients with exceptional, high quality and affordable product photography. We’re devoted in making your brand look its best with our photos.

The perceived value of your products and reputation is generally determined by visuals. That’s why having beautiful, high-quality photos can have a considerable effect. Whether you need new headshots for your employees, showcase your products in best light or just want beautiful photos of business, we can do it all. Our friendly and competent staff will answer all your photography related questions and will to decide on the look that you will love.

A professional headshot will show you the best! A confident look, calmness and friendliness – this is not something bestowed only on photo models. I teach this on every shoot – as always, it’s good to get pictures. A professional headshot will set you apart from the crowd and tell you about you as a person who is attentive to details, confident, open to new opportunities.

In the modern world we spend so much time on the network that each of us needs at least 1 photo on all these websites, social networks and instant messengers. We are so arranged that even on the Internet we still want to see the person with whom we are communicating (whether it is work or personal life). This problem can be solved by a new genre in portrait photography – headshot. This is not your regular passport photo in an uncomfortable position with bulging eyes. We will help you find your ideal angle and tell you how to look confident in the frame. Just one successful photo will become your business card for a long time and can change your life!

“I already have a cool avatar! (Showing a beach photo from vacation).” Okay, that’s great – but how can people recognize you from her? Is it possible to use such a photo in the business sphere? Of course not – resumes, presentations, company website, personal website require a professional approach! A full-length portrait where you are not visible at all or a black-and-white photo with hair beautifully caught in the wind covering your face. Your company logo, stock image of a product. Favorite movie hero or just a beautiful picture. All this is no longer working! People want to see you – so show yourself to them!

Imagine that every day at least 1 new acquaintance, which can turn into a profitable business cooperation, simply does not happen because you turn your back on the world.

Where can you use headshot photos


  • Personal Website
  • Resume
  • Corporate Website
  • Social Networks
  • Articles
  • Business Newsletter
  • Business Cards
  • Exhibitions and Seminars
  • Advertising
  • Printed products and offline advertising


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Here is what our customers have to say about us

Catherine Andrews Visual Effects Studio We had a great experience with Vertix Media, perfection in every way. They were agile, accessible and experts in their field. We were extremely happy with our end result and would not hesitate to work with them again!
Lou Venturino Design Studio Great first hand experience, and easily approachable! Made it easy to work with. A serious approach to their work. Don't throw it away if it grabs information. Always in touch. Everything was done according to our needs.
Steve Baimond Clothing Brand I want to thank the entire Vertix Media team for the excellently executed project, interesting cooperation, given that 100% of the work was done remotely. It was easy and pleasant to work, these guys had a lot of creativity.


Pick one of our great offerings

Resume $50
  • 15-20 mnute session
  • Full direction by the photographer
  • up to 5 edited photos
  • 24-hour Delivery
  • 1 outfit
Optimal $75
  • 40-60 minute session
  • Full direction by the photographer
  • up to 20 edited photos
  • 24-hour Delivery
  • 1-2 outfits
Premium $150
  • 60-90 minutes session
  • Makeup and styling
  • Full direction by the photographer
  • up to 40 edited photos
  • 24 hour delivery
  • 3 outfits
Corporate $25+ per person
  • 10-15 minute session per person
  • Full direction by the photographer
  • up to 5 edited photos per person
  • Shooting at your location
  • 24 hour delivery
  • Starting at 10 people

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