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Everything about your website is determined by web design, not just the way it looks, but the content and the way your visitors are interacting with it. Designing beautiful and aesthetically pleasing websites will attract your customers and help your business grow. We take design very seriously as it is the representation of your business online. We will make your website stand out and memorable among others. Well-thought-out responsive website, not supersaturated with information, catchy design – an effective tool for promoting your website. Our designers and digital artists are using leading technologies and industry standards and best practices to create appealing websites that will attract your visitors. We provide customized, professional web design, with focus on simplicity, functionality and user-friendliness.

The main task of the website design is to provide information to users in a convenient and attractive way. Design sets the style of the website. Good web design gives the user to understand exactly what awaits him on a particular site at a glance. The design should be attractive, but not intrusive. First of all, users come to website for information. Website design should emphasize this information, help to access it, but not become an obstacle.

Visual design. When designing a website, it is important to create a logical, user-friendly structure and supplement it with a great design. Links, buttons, menu items must be highlighted in the design. Non-clickable site elements should look like non-clickable. It is necessary to select fonts and colors so that they are combined with each other with a common visual concept.

Exclusive design. When developing a web design, you can use a template or create a project from scratch. In the first case, the designer takes the finished project and brings it into line with your needs. Such work is done faster, requires less experience and is cheaper. When working from scratch, the design layout is created exclusively for your company.

Compliance with modern requirements. More and more people are accessing the Internet from mobile devices. If you design only for desktop computers and laptops, you will lose part of the audience. The design needs to be developed taking into account the adaptive version for smartphones, tablets and computers with small and large screen resolutions.

Development of web design at Vertix Media takes place in several stages:

Drawing up technical specifications for design. Techinacal specifications needs to take the structure of the site, the existing corporate style of the customer’s company, the wishes and requests of the customer and the expectations of the target audience into account. In fact, technical specifications gives the direction in which the designer is going to build and design the future website.

Website structure. At this stage, an approximate structure of the website pages is completed. The outline of the pages contains the content and all the significant elements of the future website. This approach saves a lot of time – making changes to the sketch is much easier and faster than in the finished design.

Visual design. Based on the structure and technical specifications, the web designer creates the website design. Next, the layout is sent to the customer for approval. Usually the layout is approved by the customer with a request to make some minor adjustments. Sometimes it requires significant rework or development of a new design layout.

Coding. This stages is more related to the technical development of the site. The finished design is transitioning from sketches and images to a real website, the content is loaded into the content management system of the website and hosted on our staging server.

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