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Your website should help you attract new customers, sell your product, generate sign-ups and registration. Most people don’t scroll past third search result on Google, the website that is not on the first page doesn’t even exist to your customers. Search engines are trying to supply the most appropriate results, based on their internal algorithms, we will optimize your website to enhance your exposure and generate organic traffic to your business. Our SEO experts will optimize your website architecture and create a clean navigation that will help search engines index your website faster and easier.

There are a lot of factors that Google relies on to promote website position in search results. Vertix Media specialists will help you top of all of them. The most common factors are:

Mobile version. According to Google, more than half of the searches happen on mobile devices, so the mobile version of the site for Google has a higher priority than the desktop version. In the near future, the mobile version will become the main version for search engines. Google has already changed the algorithm for ranking sites, but the final transition to a new type of indexing will take a couple of years.

The website can have only a desktop version, a separate mobile version or an adaptive design. If the site has only a desktop version, Google will show it in a mobile search, but the position of the site will gradually deteriorate, because Google prioritizes mobile friendly websites. Google specialists advised to create a mobile version or responsive design, if you don’t want your website to disappear from mobile search results. If the site has two versions: desktop and mobile like – you will have to check whether the content is the same on both versions. But also keep in mind it does not have to be exactly the same, because mobile sites have technical limitations. But content and meta tags should be equivalent – both in meaning and content. For owners of websites with responsive design, nothing else needs to be done that’s why we always offer our clients to build responsive website.

Keep in mind, that while users search for info and navigation mostly on mobile devices, they still mostly make purchases on desktops. Therefore, you have to consider how to simplify the ordering process on mobile devices. If the user found a store when he was online on the phone, but was not ready to place an order, do not lose contact with him. You can offer to subscribe, follow your company on social networks or offer a discount to agitate the buyer to return to your website when he will be in front of his desktop.

Content. Rank Brain is Google’s current search engine algorithm, which is based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. The algorithm compares the quality of each site with the resources in the top search results. In order for the user to get the most relevant sites for a search query, Rank Brain considers the search history, region, and current trends.

Rank Brain analyzes text by topics and synonyms. Content may not contain words from the search query, but be in the top for this query, because it answers user’s question as completely as possible. The old method of promoting pages, which created texts similar to the texts in the top of the issue with a lot of keys, no longer works in Google. Do not include in the articles more than third of the content that is already contained on other sites.

You should also consider a mobile-first aproach when the mobile is designed for mobile in the first place and than upgraded to work on desktops. This helps keeping the mobile version prioritized and keeping the full version clean and not overloaded with elements and content.

Google is expecting new information, so you need to update old texts and post new content constanly. In order to do this, you have to correct outdated information, add a new section or several paragraphs using keys, add new facts. Send the updated material in the webmaster’s panel for a search robot to recrawl.

Every day, Google handles up to 3.5 billion search queries. One fifth of them are new requests that have not been previously introduced by users, so site optimization for Google should not be based solely on trends, but on users’ interests too. Search for new requests offline and create content for them in advance. When people start searching for an answer to a question on the Internet, you will already have indexed content. To find new customer interests, conduct surveys of the target audience, collect statistics online and in sales and marketing department.

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