Cannes Lions – International Festival of Creativity is taking place next week in Cannes, so we decided to recap Best Print Ads of the last year – winners in Print and Publishing category to refresh your memory and inspire you to create something amazing. And if that’s not enough for you – we suggest you to have a look at our article about Design and advertisement trends in 2019.

Best Print Ads – Gold


A fast-food restaurant chain has released a print in the midst of a chicken crisis. Having fun with their three-letter acronym, the brand acknowledged that chicken deficiency was difficult to endure and the company was doing everything possible in this case.

best print ad from KFC

IKEA – Åkestam Holst pregnancy test

The furniture giant IKEA made a pregnancy test print ad. An advertisement placed in a popular women’s magazine called on women to find out if they were pregnant, and in the event of a positive result, gave a discount for a baby cot.

best print ads from ikea

KFC – Hot & Spicy

In a series of prints, Ogilvy Hong Kong replaced the fire in the photographs with images of fried chicken – one of our favorite Best Print Ads.

Chicago Lyric Opera

This series of prints was intended to change the perception of the Chicago Lyric Opera, so that it attracted more millennials. Advertising highlighted interesting cultural and historical aspects of the opera.

best print advertisement opera

best print ads opera

best print advertisement opera

Best Print Ads – Silver

Arcor & Co – An unexpected end

Argentinian company launched a candy on a stick with chewing gum inside. In a series of prints, creatives described situations where the beginning and the end had too many differences to convey the main message about the product: everything starts with hard candy and ends with chewing gum.

best print ads chewing gum

best print advertisement chewing gum

best print ads chewing gum

Shoes that made history

American detergent manufacturer told a story about the first steps of famous people such as Lincoln, Ali, Hemingway, Amelia Earhart, who led them to wonderful stories. The brand tracked down the original shoes of the characters and captured it on prints.

best print advertisement shoes

best print ads shoes

best print advertisement shoes

Stabilo – Highlight The Remarkable

German drawing supplies manufacturer emphasized the influence of women in a series of prints. Brand talked about women who were in the background in the photo, but played an important role in the story. For example, Edith Wilson, the first lady of the United States who actually ruled the country after her husband’s stroke.

best print ads highlight

best print advertisement highlight

best print ads highlight

Thermos – Maintain Temperature

Up to 80% of the urban population of Thailand suffers from office syndrome. Employees spend a lot of time in offices with air conditioners that cause headaches, fatigue and other negative consequences. A series of prints urged to maintain body temperature in order to avoid negative health effects.

print advertisement thermos

print advertisement thermos

print advertisement thermos

Advertising is the attempt to influence the buying behavior

LEGO – Never Gets Old

Technology advances, trends change all the time, but LEGO never gets old!

print ads lego

print ads lego

print ads lego

Burger King – Come As Clown – Eat Like King

Burger King – Flame Grilling Is Hard To Resist

Another McDonald’s trolling. In a series of prints, Burger King showed how former competitor top managers enjoyed the grill in their homes.

Reporter – Changed My Mind

Reporter is a magazine with a focus on investigative journalism. The magazine covers important and often controversial topics. A series of prints with topics covered in the magazine is intended to show that certain materials can change the reader’s point of view.

Invisible Women – The Problem Is Not Seeing The Problem

Colgate – Bring Back Your White Smile, But Nothing Else

Creatives used old school photos and showed that everything was all right with a smile, which is not the case with hairstyles and fashion. The brand promised to return just the white smiles.